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Tangles was devised by a group of UK Scout leaders wanting a means by which to communicate with groups of Scouts during adventurous activities such as the Chief Scout Awards where participants cover a wide range in groups under remote supervision. With mobile phones everywhere, it makes sense to make use of these to communicate but the leaders were unhappy with the fact that leaders (and scouts) were able after such events to potentially continue private discussions using whatever messaging system they used for the event. They were also conscious of the need to know who they were communicating with and that other adult individuals external to the event were not given access to communications by a participant or able to participate in conversations long after the event was over.

They also wanted a simple means of actually managing events and individuals participating that allowed them to be set up quickly from the comfort of the desk or on the go but then could be managed and executed in the field using only mobile devices.

The Tangles system models the type of communication and organisation required for such events and similar activities and helps to manage things like checking individuals in, checking off things such as kit, safety equipment and briefings. We hope it will grow to cover a wide range of users and use cases. The latest additions allow the creation of route maps, in individual sub-teams based on a shared set of target waypoints or markers as well as the ability to track individuals and teams during a live event, turning tracking off automatically when participants or the event are finished.

Tangles is privately funded. If you would like to help contribute towards evolving this service, here's how: Contribute

Security vs Privacy

These days we seem to mix security and privacy interchangeably. As users, we should expect that the systems that we use take all precautions to ensure that our data and our privacy are protected. Connections between apps and the services that they rely on and communications should be secure and trustworthy. We should be protected from others stealing our information and from intruding on our conversations.

That doesn't mean however that we should all be anonymous or unaccountable and, since Tangles is all about facilitating face to face meets supported by mobile interaction, all interactions via the platform are collaborative and transparent. All participants have real, confirmed identities and devices. This is particularly important for events involving youth participants.


Tangles Events is a service created and operated by Tintabee Ltd which is a company registered in England. Company registration number 8155029.

To get in touch, please use the Support page or send an email to support@tanglesevents.com