Third party integrations


WordPress plugin

Install the Tangles Events Wordpress plugin to include a public view of a community's upcoming events on a Wordpress site.

Install the experimental plugin on your WordPress site, create a WordPress directory in Tangles and link Tangles to your external site.

Only events that you add to a specific Tangles public directory will be shown b ythe WordPress widgets or blocks.

You can find more information here: WordPress


Online Scout Manager

If your community is configured as a scouting community and you use Online Scout Manager (OSM), you can link Tangles Events to your OSM account. This allows you to sync members, events and event participants from OSM to Tangles Events. Tangles will stay synchronised with changes made in OSM.

To link your OSM account you must be an administrator in OSM and have access to the relevant information that you wish to link.

Tangles can also be configured to use event sign-up information from OSM to add participants to a Tangles event when participants are added in OSM

You can find more information here: Integrating with OSM


OAuth 2.0 REST API

Tangles exposes a publicly accessible API using OAuth 2 which allows access to all of Tangles functionality.

  1. To access the API you need an OAuth2 application key which you can request by emailing Please also outline your proposed use of the API.
  2. Users of the API must pay attention to design so as not to put an unreasonable load on the Tangles system