Safe communication and event management

Tangles provides a safe environment in which participants can interact face to face and via secure communications



Your community lets you manage your events, members and policies



  • Events and members are managed within your community
  • Your community policies define the roles of individuals for all events
  • A community can add and manage any number of active members
  • A community can manage any number of active and planned events


  • Members can be added manually, from contacts or by scanning their phone
  • Each member has a unique join code which they use online or in the app
  • Codes can be read, printed, emailed or presented as a QR code
  • A community can also generate a single unique code that can be used to join
  • Member profiles are verified by your community

Mobile management

  • Small numbers of members and events can be created and managed from the app

Larger scale

  • Larger events can also use the web interface
  • Provides more options for managing events, participants and members at scale

Event management

Tangles helps to manage the event lifecycle, including event invites and check-in of participants


Event profiles

  • Event descriptions, location details provide information to participants
  • Event profiles are visible to invited participants or members can be allowed to sign up themselves
  • Images and event specific logos can be uploaded to the profile before and during an event


  • Teams can be created within an event, each with it's own optional chat group
  • Participants can belong to multiple teams
  • Team members can customise their own team profile
  • Images from an associated group chat can be automatically loaded to the team profile if desired


  • Add participants to an event directly from your community member list or allow them to sign up
  • Users immediately see the event appear on their home screen
  • Add new participants directly to an event by scanning their phone
  • Add a new member directly to an event and your community by scanning their phone

Verified participants

  • All participants are verified before they can join an event
  • Each participant has a validated profile
  • Personal details are verified against those held by your community
Roles 2.png


  • Community and event specific roles provide control over information access and management
  • Templates for common community types provide standard roles

Event facilitators

  • Adult event facilitators can participate in the event-wide chat group
  • Your community's youth safeguarding rules are enforced
  • Leads can also communicate in any team chat
  • Participants can see the event wide messages in their team message view without switching

Participant check-in

  • Manage the arrival and check-in process with no paper
  • Checking in to an event is as simple as scanning the participant device
  • An event lead verifies or creates a current photo id of the participant

Participant checklists

  • An event may have any number of checklists during check-in
  • Checklists may be completed in any order by any event lead
  • A participant is checked in when all checklists are signed off
  • For large events, sumary graphs can show you how your participants respond

Secure communication


Group chat

  • Any number of chat group bubbles can be created for your community
  • Communication takes place within community bubbles, event or team group chats
  • 1:1 communications is prevented for youth communities
  • The full chat history is avaialble to any participant joining at any time

Secure and transparent

  • Secure but transparent end to end communications, visible to all participants
  • Chat authentication uses secure keys that never leave your device

Event based communication


Event wide chat

  • Each event can have an event-wide group chat for its partiicpants and a seaprate one for parents of participants
  • Only invited participants of the event can join a chat
  • Participants cannot communicate once the event is complete

Pre-event chat

  • Verified participants can optionally communicate prior to an event
  • This allows teams to prepare and plan online before the event itself
  • For youth events, an optional parent chat can also be created to communicate prior to the event

Route planning and tracking


Route planning

  • As an organiser or participant, create orienteering or hike waypoints
  • Decide whether waypoints must be visited in order
  • Mark boundaries, safety and facilitites markers on the map
  • Individuals or teams can create multiple routes using the waypoints
  • View and print maps using OpenStreetMap or UK Ordnance Survey EPSG:3857 base maps
  • OpenStreetMap maps show most public and established footpaths and trails

Participant tracking

  • Track your teams as they participate in events, ensuring their safety and monitoring progress
  • Manage waypoints for hikes and orienteeting events,
  • Allow participants to check into each waypoint using QR codes, geofencing or manned waypoints and more
  • Viewthe whole event progress, average and team segment times in an event-wide tracker

User privacy

Users and communities manage their own data and choose what they wish to share

Privacy 2.png

Complete control

  • Users of the mobile apps can participant in multiple communities
  • The end user controls what personal data they share with each community
  • The app clearly shows what data they are sharing
  • Users do not need to share any personal detail at all to communicate

Parental control

  • Control what communities your young person can join and whether they can sign up to events
  • Restrict what information a young person can share
  • View communctiies that the young person belongs to and events that they are signed up to
  • Participate in chat groups with a young person's community
  • Sign your young person up to new events



Online Scout Manager (OSM)

  • Link your existing OSM account to your Tangles Scout community
  • Populate your members, events and participants directly from OSM
  • Update OSM attendance records
  • Control what personal data is shared with Tangles

GPS Data exchange

  • Import and export waypoints and routes using GPX files
  • Import and export waypoints and routes using GeoJson files