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In the field management

Aside from some functions that benefit from a larger screen and a mouse such as expedition route planning, some larger scale event features and connections to third party systems, all of the community and event configuration and management is possible from the app. Even if you set everything up from the comfort of the desk, pretty much anything can be checked and modified in the field using just the mobile phone



Group chats as part of an event or in a ‘community bubble’ between your community members is accessible via the app which supports familiar messaging features. Unlike other messaging apps, you can view messages from multiple chat groups in the same view and for event sub-teams, the top level event chat is always visible.


Location tracking

The app supports navigation for expedition style events and can optionally show participants maps, their own location, planned routes either on the map or as detailed route plans. In addition, the app can optionally share the location of teams and individuals with event facilitators and takes care of managing privacy and of enabling and disabling tracking during and after the event. Participants can use the app to easily check in to real or virtual waypoints on their route


Participant management

The app provides easy ways to add members to your community or participants to your event and to manage participants checking in at the start of your event, simply by scanning participants’ QR codes on their phone. Event facilitators can check in and validate event checklists for participants either in one go or in stages, with a different facilitator checking specific checklists, for example separate medical or dietary and equipment checklists



The Android app can be accessed via Google Play:

Tangles Events



The iPhone app can be accessed via the App Store on your iPhone:

Tangles Events