Tangles Events

Community - Events - Communication

Manage your community, its events and its communications

Tangles Events is a youth centric events management platform which offers a suite of features for youth leaders and community groups to plan, coordinate and deliver a successful event safely and securely.

Tangles Events provides a safe environment in which participants can interact face to face and via secure communications


Your community


Build your community

  • Create your community, optionally using templates for common adult and youth communities
  • Invite and manage your members, community roles and identities
  • Record contact information or just use Tangles to communicate with your members

Parents and Teams

  • Create community teams to help manage your members. Members can belong to as many teams as you need
  • For youth communities, manage and communicate with parents based on event participation, community teams or any adhoc group
  • Parents can control what younger members can sign up to and what personal information they can share, if any



Upcoming events

  • Let your community members see which events are coming up and which ones they are participating in
  • Communicate safely with even youth members or their parents prior to the start of the event
  • Allow event teams to work together, planning and collaborating before the event


  • Invite, verify and manage your participants before and during an event
  • Group your participants into teams based on existing community groupings or teams specifically for the event
  • Optionally allow participants to sign up to your event, automatically managing reserve lists

Managed checkin

  • A simple system for managing the participant joining and arrival process before and during a live event.
  • Define checklists to ensure participants are prepared for your event that can be checked off with a checkin process that use a single or multiple steps

Communicate safely

Tangles provides a safe environment in which members and event participants can interact face to face and via secure communications

Group chat bubbles for your community, your teams and your events


A safe environment for communication

  • Ensure individuals are who they say they are
  • Does not require participants to share personal information

Group communication

  • Communicate only for the duration of an organised event
  • All communications are visible to a group and are fully transparent
  • Group communication only


  • Management of adult and young person interaction
  • Enforce communication safeguarding rules for your community

Route planning and tracking


Route planning

  • Define waypoints and routes for outdoor orienteering, hikes and other expeditions. Event organisers can define the routes or competing teams of participants can create their own routes.
  • Participants can optionally view their maps and route plans on their phones and even track their location if desired

Track participants during the event

  • Track your teams as they participate in events, ensuring their safety and monitoring progress
  • Manage waypoints for hikes and orienteeting events, allowing participants to check into each waypoint using QR codes, geofencing or manned waypoints and more