Removing your account and data

When you remove your Tangles Events account your user profile will be irrevocably removed. Any link to any communities will also be removed. Any personal information that you allowed to be shared with a community will no longer be visible to that community.

If you are the sole member of a community, the community and any events created will also be removed when you remove your account. These may be recovered within 30 days of your account removal.

If there are other members of a community for which you are the sole administrator you will need to transfer administrative control to another commmunity member before removing your account.

Personal information held by a community

Any personal information that a community to which you belong has recorded in your membership record is not removed autoamtically when you delete your account. To remove this information you should request that the community remove your membership detail. When a community removes a membership record the personal information recorded against that membership can be recovered for up to 30 days after removal, after which it is permanently removed.

In the mobile app

You can remove your account from within the settings page of the mobile app. Open the settings icon from the home page in the app and select remove my account.

Via the web

When you are logged into Tangle Events on the web, select 'My Profile' from the left hand context menu and then click on the action icon on the top right of the profile page to remove your acount.

If you are unable to login

If you have set an email address on your account and have access to that email account, please use the forgotten password link on the Tangles Events home page to allow you to login and remove your account as above.

Otherwise, please use the support page to request account deletion. Please provide the following details as you have set them in Tangles Events or mark them as 'Not Set':

  • First name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mobile telehpone number