Community Forms

Integral to capturing and maintaining essential member information for your community and events

Form Type

Form Types

Tangles events provides for the creation of arbitrary forms to be completed by community members or by participants for a specific event. These can be used and categorised for consent, permission and personal information forms or surveys.

A form is made up of two parts; the main body of the form (‘Base form’) that the end user sees and a configuration for the community or event. Base forms can be re-used for specific events or purpose such as a Consent or Event form.

Health & Allergy

Form Content

Forms present important information in an easy format for members to access and are prepopulated with previous responses and, in the case of system fields, the stored information for a given member.

System generated forms support communities to collect essential information about members such as core contact details but also important medical or dietary information if required. They are particularly valuable where members need to consent to community guidelines, policies or event attendance.

Forms can be created from scratch or adapted from previous community forms or forms which have been shared publicly. They can be configured to allow the member to complete them or, in the case of youth communities and events, require a parent or guardian to complete.

Consent View

Mandatory VS Optional Forms

Communities can make forms mandatory for specific purposes such as sign up for an event, and forms can also be marked as optional. An optional type of form is useful to gather additional information to survey or canvass thoughts and feedback in the community such as after an event or after a specific time as a community member. Other uses for optional forms are for where an event offers optional activities that require extended consent