Check - In Tools

Tangles Events streamlines the partipant joining and arrival process and supports communication before and during a live event.


Event Check Lists

System generated checklists used as part of the check-in process can help to validate that participants have the correct kit, consent forms, medical details or whatever else is important

An event can have multiple participant checklists and participants can view the checklists before checking in and use them themselves to verify that they have everything that is needed to participate in the event.

As participants check in, Tangles Events allows event administrators to monitor an overview of the responses across all participants as well as individual responses.


Partipant Check - In

Tangles Events gives event facilitators the flexibility and ease to manage participant attendence directly from a mobile device in the field.

Checking in to an event is as simple as scanning the participant device and verifying a current photo of the participant. All partipants of an event will have been verified before they join an event and will have a validated community profile.


Stay Connected

As soon as an event has been created, facilitators can choose to enable a specific pre- event group chat and team chat bubbles. This brings participants together to receive the latest event updates or actions as well as encourages discussion about the event ahead.

For example, event facilitators can post alerts when event check lists or forms are available to complete ahead of the event or competing teams can discuss routes or food preparations ahead of a hike or camp.

Throughout an event, participants can stay connected and view event updates live on their mobile device.