Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting is an important aspect to any event and is essential for the safety and welfare of all participants. It supports the management of future events and assessments of risk.

Incident All

View an Incident Record

Similar to a health record, an incident record involving one or more event participants can be viewed both as a group or by individual.

Select "Events" from the left hand menu to see all the current events for you community. Navigate to the event in question and select "Health" from the left hand menu for that event. This will present tabulated lists of all the conditions identified from the community base data. Select the "First Aid" option on the right hand side menu to show a list of the incidents recorded for all event participants.

Alternatively, select "Participants" from the left hand menu for that event and a list of participants will appear. From here you can opt to view a single record for an individual by selecting the blue heart icon to the right of the partipant name and viewing the "Incident" tab for that member.


Create an incident record

A system record of an incident can be created and stored on the member profile record and can be veiwed live by parents of youth members.

Navigate to the individuals health record as noted above and select the "First Aid" Tab.

To create a new entry, select the blue + button located below the General Information and a new dialogue box will appear for you to complete. It will allow you to detail the nature of the incident, the action taken and the date and time it took place.

The entry will be system time stamped but a set date and time can be entered for when the incident took place if different.

Select "confirm" and this entry will appear and remain stored in the First Aid Incident list on the member's profile. It will also show when the entry was created in the system and by whom. At this time, the entry cannot be edited once created.