Account recovery

Authorizing a new device is straightforward from an existing device. If a device is lost or damaged, a number of mechanisms exist to recover a user’s account

Email recovery

If the user has a validated email address set, they can reset their password (regardless of whether they had one previously) and can get a code for the app or a link to the web interface where they can set or reset their password and log in.

Authorizing from another device

If the user has an existing device logged into Tangles, a registered parent or has granted one of their communities permission to recover their account, they can authorise another device from one of those sources as follows:

On the device that the user wishes to authorize, they should tap ‘Login using another device’ which will show a QR code.

  1. If the user is logged into another device already, they should navigate to their own profile and tap ‘Authorize device’ and scan the QR code.
  2. A parent user should navigate to their profile and from there to the child profile they wish to authorize and then tap ‘Authorize device’ and scan the QR code.
  3. A community admin should navigate to the member view for the member in question and tap ‘Authorize device’ and scan the QR code.