Checking into waypoints

For events that allow participant location tracking, waypoint check-in can be enabled. This allows participants to check into each waypoint on a route and record their progress

Event progress

Where this is enabled, Tangles provides event administrators with an overall progress board which shows which teams and individuals have arrived at each checkpoint and what their time was for the previous segment.

For ordered routes (where participants must reach each waypoint in a specified order) the progress board will also show the average segment times etc.


Checking in

An enabled event can be configured to allow a number of different ways by which participants can check in to a given waypoint. When part of a team, the first individual checking in will check the whole of the team into the waypoint:

  1. A facilitator at the checkpoint can check the participant in. To do this, the participant selects the waypoint from their map or waypoint list in the app and selects ‘Check in’ which shows a QR code. The facilitator navigates to the same waypoint in the app and selects the option to check participants in and scans the participant QR code.
  2. Participants can optionally check in using geofencing. Providing they are within the set distance of the waypoint, they check in by navigating to the waypoint and tapping ‘Check in’.
  3. QR codes can be created and printed for each waypoint which can be scanned when the participant attempts to check into the waypoint.
  4. Existing waypoints with their own coding system can also be used whereby the user enters the alphanumeric code into the app when they attempt to check into the waypoint.

Participant state

When participants check in to the first waypoint, they and their team’s start time is automatically set and their state is marked as ‘started’.

Similarly, when they check into the last waypoint, they and their team’s finish time is set and their status is marked as ‘finished’.

Once an individual is marked as finished, location tracking is stopped.