Checking participants in

Attendance at an event is managed by checking participants in using their unique code. Checking in enables chat and location tracking if configured


Check in

Each participant is checked in using their device. The participant navigates to the event view and selects ‘Check in’. The facilitator can access the ‘Check in participants’ function also from the event view and this allows them to scan the QR codes presented by each participant.

The facilitator is requested to confirm the profile ID of the individual or add one if the participant does not already have a stored profile image. In the case that there is no existing image, either the participant or facilitator can add one by tapping on the user’s profile icon.

If there are checklists to complete these will then be presented to the facilitator.


Single device

A participant can only be checked in on one device at a time.

It need not be the same device that they were using to chat with during the enrolment phase but whichever device is used to check in will be the only one able to chat during the event and to track location if this is enabled.


Location tracking

If location tracking is enabled for the event, this can be started for a participant when they or their team are at the start waypoint.

At this time, either a team or an individual participant can be marked as ‘started’ by an event facilitator from either the team or the event view in the app, or for larger events, from the web interface.

Between checking in and starting, participants cannot be tracked.