Community Forms

Forms support the flow of information between members and their community

Health & Allergy

Creating Forms

Forms can be created from scratch or adapted from previous community forms or forms which have been shared publicly. They can be configured to allow the member to complete them or, in the case of youth communities and events, require a parent or guardian to complete.

Forms can be created with a variety of text, drop-down, checkbox and other input types. They also support the use of system fields that map to a member or participant’s stored information. This enables the collection and update of essential information about members such as contact details or important medical or dietary information.

Create Form

Base templates VS New forms

To generate a new form using an existing template select the blue ‘+’ in the actions area in the top right of a community or event’s FORMS page. To search the available templates, the name of the form can be input or the type of form such as Permission or Medical can be selected from the drop down. The search results will show any forms that already exist or have been shared publicly which can be used as a base and updated as needed. To help familiarise yourself with configuring the layout, the system sample base forms are a good place to start!

To create a brand-new form select the blue ‘+’ in the actions area in the top right of a community or event’s FORMS page to navigate to the form creation page. Select the blue ‘+' icon above the drop downs and a new base form layout will generate ready to configure.

By first completing each section about the purpose of the form itself, Name, Description, Type, Detail etc, a community can then configure the form specifically to meet with their needs. A community can specify whether the form requires completing and signing; whether the form is mandatory or which version needs to be signed for example.

Consent View

Adding more detail

Once this first part is completed and saved, more sections can be added to the body of the form using the "Add Item" button. This option is only available once the form has been initially created.

By adding fields, detail can be included in the form such as existing system fields (name and contact details), medical and dietary questions can also be asked, and descriptive information can be set out for consent and agreement.

Once all the sections are ready, the State of the form can be updated to Published. Once published, this form will appear on the profile or event page for each member or participant to complete as required.

Once updated, a base form will be upgraded to a new version and can continue to be updated as many times as needed.