Creating a community

Trusted communities are at the heart of Tangles. Communities allow you to manage your members, communications and events


Setting up a community

Any user over the age of 13 can create their own community and invite others to join it. This can be disabled via parental controls if required. When a community is first created, the creating user becomes an admin for that community. If other admins are created and the original user removes their account, the community will continue to exist.

To create a community, navigate to the communities page on the app (middle icon on the toolbar) or in the web interface (‘My communities’ in the left hand menu) and select the ‘+’ or ‘Add community’ icon.

When the community is first created, a template must be selected which determines parameters such as role names, safeguarding rules etc, some of which can be reconfigured later. Once created, the community cannot have its template changed.

Images and logos

As well as setting an address, web site, telephone contact detail etc, a description can be added and photos uploaded. The first image uploaded is used as the featured image’ which is displayed in any community summary view.

Tapping / clicking on the community icon allows the user to select an icon image for the community if desired. If an address is set, the web interface will show a location map when users browse to the community page. The default map view shown can be configured for a community although users are free to change this view if they wish.

Once a community is created, it is also possible to configure the default set of permissions that members will be asked for when they join the community. The user is free to elect not to grant those permissions and some permissions cannot be requested of youth members such as the sharing of their contact details.