Event checklists

Checklists used as part of the check-in process can be used to validate that participants have the correct kit, consent forms, medical details or whatever else is important



An event can have multiple participant checklists. Participants can view the checklists before checking in and use them themselves to verify that they have everything that is needed to participate in the event.

As participants check in, event administrators can see an overview of the responses across all participants as well as individual responses.

Creating a list

Creating a checklist can be carried out via the web interface or the app. Start by navigating to an event’s checklists view and opt to create a new checklist of copy an existing one.

Checklists can consist of a mix of questions with yes/no responses or with answers from a set of options.

Once the checklist is given a name and created, items can be added to the list. Items and response options can be dragged around to determine the order in which they are shown on the form.

Participants' own visibility

While a checklist is in the draft state, only event admins and facilitators can see the content and no responses can be recorded for participants. Publishing the checklist allows all participants to view the checklist and to record their own answers for their own use.

Participants can access published lists from the event view.

Formal check-in view

Event facilitators can update the formal checklist responses for a given participant by accessing the checklist from the relevant participant view.

When participants are being checked into an event, if they have incomplete checklists, these will be presented to the facilitator checking the participant in to complete. Multiple facilitators can manage different checklists for a participant.

Once they are all complete, the check in process can complete.