Event states

An event’s state controls what participants are able to do at a given time. Some states can be managed automatically such as ending the event at the given time.


Changing state

The event state can be changed by an admin from the web interface by clicking on the event state action icon on the event view or by tapping on the event status element of the event view in the mobile app.

The start and end date of the event will affect what state changes are available.

Possible states

  1. Not started: This is the default state of an event that has been created but has not yet been started nor chat started.
  2. Enrolment: This state enables group chats linked to the event if these are configured. The event can be moved into the state any time before the defined start date, providing there are participants assigned to it. Once in enrolment state, participants can be enrolled by a facilitator or enrol themselves to the chat depending on the event configuration.
  3. In progress: An event with participants can be started a short time before the published start. This enables participants to be checked into the event. If route tracking is configured for participants, this is enabled once they have checked in.
  4. Paused: Pausing an event stops all chats but does not affect any other event state.
  5. Finished: An event can be manually marked as finished or will automatically move to finished state a short while after the published end time. At this point any location tracking is disabled but group chats may continue. It is not possible to restart a finished event.
  6. Closed: In the closed state, all group chats are closed and no longer accessible. This state can be configured manually and will also happen automatically a few days after the event finishes.