Integrating with OSM

For communities created using one of the scout related templates, an Online Scout Manager account can be associated with the Tangles community



Linking an Online Scout Manager (OSM) account, allows a community admin to synchronise member and event information from OSM into Tangles and to optionally update it in OSM when it is updated in Tangles.

Tangles can also be configured to use event sign-up information from OSM to add participants to a Tangles event when participants are added in OSM. In this case, Tangles treats attendance in the same way as if a Tangles event admin had added or removed participants and does not use the Tangles sign-up mechanism. Participants signing up in Tangles are not currently reflected back to OSM.

Creating the link

To create a link, navigate to the community view in the Tangles web interface for the community that you wish to link to OSM (which must have been created with one of the scouting templates) and click on the configure action icon to chnage the community settings.

  1. Select OSM from 'Integrations' at the bottom of the right hand panel.
  2. In the OSM view, select the information that you wish to synchronise and whether you wish tangles to also update OSM with changes
  3. Click the Submit button which will redirect to the OSM login page to authenticate.
  4. Once you have authenticated with OSM, the OSM system will ask you to confirm access to the selected data
  5. When you are redirected back to Tangles, Tangles will do an initial synchronisation and setup background synchronisation
  6. There may be up to an hour between changes made in OSM appearing in Tangles. If you wish to run a manual synchronisation sooner then that you can do so by navigating back to the OSM Integration page for your community.

OSM synchronisation can be enabled or disabled. When enabled it will synchronise with OSM on a regular basis to keep the data up to date.