Member and participant roles

Members can be assigned roles within a community. As well as indicating which people have roles, these are also used to control access to view or modify different types of information


Adding roles

The roles for a given community are defined by the template that was used to setup the community originally and reflect normal kinds of roles and names used within that kind of community.

Roles can be added for a member by navigating to the particular member view in the web interface or on the mobile.

Click or tap on the configure icon and then click on ‘Add role’ in the permissions tab to add a new role. In the web interface select the role you wish to add; in the app, swipe the role to the right.

Existing roles can be removed by clicking the delete icon or swiping to the left.

Roles 2.png

Types of role

Some roles are age dependent. Only roles that are relevant to the age of the particular member will be displayed.

Other roles are part of a group, from which only one role can be selected – for example, it is not possible to be both a Scout Section Leader and an Assistant Section Leader. Selecting a new role from such a group will remove any previous role from the same group.

Participant roles

Members can be given roles for a specific event. This allows them to facilitate for example for a single event and provides them with the necessary permissions to view information and take actions.