Mobile app vs web

The web and app interface follow a similar structure and in general it is possible to view and configure everything from either the web interface or the mobile, however there are some small differences


Manage at the desk or in the field

It is possible to do almost everything from both the web and the app. For larger events it is likely that the web interface is easier to set things up initially but the mobile makes it convenient to make minor changes to the event in the field while it is running.


Web interface

There are a few things that are only possible to access or configure in the web interface:

  1. Integration with third party systems.
  2. Route planning, although configuring map layers, visibility, permissions etc is all possible on the mobile. Maps, map layers, routes etc are all visible on the app.
  3. Live enrolment


Functions that are only possible on the mobile app:

  1. Enrolling and checking in
  2. Chat functionality
  3. Device authorization