Participant tracking

Tangles allows event facilitators to keep track of individuals and teams once the event is running


Live tracking

To track participants when the event is running, configure the event or team map to allow tracking. Participants must also have the location sharing permission enabled for your community.

By default, only event facilitators can view live tracking layers.

Participants can be tracked individually, by adding a Participant layer to the live map, or as a team which is the preferred option.

In order to access the live data, a user must be registered for and checked into the event

If using the web interface to track and the user did not log into the web portal using the app to authenticate, the live map page will prompt the user to authenticate using their mobile phone.


Team tracking

The benefit of team tracking is that it makes fewer requests on each participant's mobile device since, provided the team remains together, each participant can send location data less frequently while still accurately tracking the group as a whole.

To add team tracking to an event live map, open the event map layer page in the web interface and drag the team map layer into the live layer section, just as with any other layer.

Multiple teams can then be tracked on the event map, using their team colour to plot their route. Alternatively, viewing the team live map directly will show progress just for that team.


Participant tracking

Adding a participant layer to the event live map allows participants to be tracked individually on the web interface or the mobile app.

On the web interface, up to 10 participants to be plotted at a time on the web interface. When a participant layer is active, the participants panel shows the current status of each participant and allows the user to specify which ones to plot on the map.