User devices and verification

A user can be logged into multiple devices, including the web interface, but can only participate in chats or running events on a single mobile device

Log in on any device

A user is able to view details about communities they belong to, events they can participate in and their own profile on the mobile app or using the web interface.


Participant on a single device

When a user enrols for a chat group or is checked into an event, their profile and the chat and location data are tied to that specific device and no other device can participate.

The intent of this is to ensure that individuals taking part in the event and who have been verified by a facilitator are those participating in an event and its chat and that any other user attempting to make use of a login is excluded.

If a user had been enrolled on one device for chat prior to the start of the event and then chooses to check into the event using a different device, the earlier device is disabled for further access to the chat and to the live event data.