User registration

Users can sign up via the mobile app or using the web interface. Signing up in the app is simple, requiring only the user's name and date of birth. Sending a user a code makes it even faster


Signing up

In the app, the user provides their name and date of birth to complete the sign-up

Using the web interface it is necessary to provide an email address and password which is validated during the sign-up process.

The user may also sign up directly using an invite code from a community. In this case, scanning or entering the code will populate the required fields on the app, although it will ask again for the user’s date of birth as a further means of verification.

Community admins should see ‘Adding members’ for detail about creating invites.

Profile information

After a successful sign-up, the user is prompted to set a profile picture and provide account recovery information (currently their email), both of which are optional.

If the user signed up using an invite code and the community has requested permissions from the user, the user will also be prompted to consider these, although they are not required to grant the requested permission.

The user can of course change those permissions at any time by navigating to the community view in the app or web interface.