Viewing maps in the app

Event participants can view maps and map layers in the app prior to the event starting and during events depending on how the map has been configured


Basic configuration

Participants can view maps and route plans in the app depending on the current state or the event (whether it is running or not), dependent on how the event map has been configured. There are various controls that define this. Depending on the configuration, participants will see a map icon in the event or team view in the app or a route plan icon, or nothing at all.

In the first instance, the overall map visibility determines whether facilitators, participants or everyone can see the map. In the web interface, this is found by clicking on the event map icon in the right-hand panel of the event view and from there selecting the Layers action icon.

Both map visibility and location tracking can be enabled or disabled by clicking the configure action icon on this page. Enabling location tracking only tracks participants when the event is running and must be enabled by each participant on their device and granted in their Tangles app.


General participant permissions

On the same page, more granular control over specific map layer types that can be viewed by participants when the event is live. Prior to the event start, participants can see all layers that they have access to, regardless of these settings. Facilitators may always view all layers.

  1. View maps: Allows participants to see the base map on the device
  2. Own location: When enabled, participants can track and display their own location on the map or in the route list
  3. Waypoint details: Allows participants to access the detail for each waypoint in a list
  4. Waypoint map markers: Plots the waypoints as markers on the map
  5. View route details: Allows route information to be accessed as a route plan
  6. Route detail on the map: Plots routes on the base map

Per layer access permissions

Each layer permits an event admin to set the visibility of the layer and to determine who can edit it. Generally, view and edit permissions can be set to facilitator, participants or everyone, where everyone is anyone who has permission to view the event detail.

Certain may layers or contexts restrict who can modify any map layer. For example, only a participant or a facilitator can edit any given map layer.

Since map layers can be created in the context of the overall event or in the context of a specific event team, ‘participant’ refers to all event participants or only those in a specific team, dependent on the context.