Event teams

Participants of an event can optionally be assigned to teams. Each team has its own chat channel, although the global event chat is always visible in all team chat views as well. For location enabled events, participants can create and share map layers in order to plan routes. The team chooses whether other event participants can view their map layers or if they remain private to the team. Event facilitators can always view all map layers and participate in any team chat.


Setting up a team

To add a team using the web portal, open the Teams page from the relevant event either using the left hand side-bar menu or from the event additional detail panel on the right. The Teams view shows existing teams and their summary configuration. To create a new team, click the 'Create new' button below the list and complete the relevant details such as the team name etc. Note that you should leave the start and stop times unset when first creating a team.



You can view existing team participants by selecting 'Total Participants' from the right hand panel when viewing a team in the web interface. In the app, participants are shown in the team view automatically.

Participants can also be viewed, configured and removed from the team using the action buttons in this list or by swiping to remove in the app.

In the web interface, clicking 'Update team participants' allows new participants to be added or removed by checking or unchecking the checkbox for each participant. Only current event participants can be added to an event team.

If an expected participant does not show up in the list, check that they have been added to the overall event.


Team controls


A team's chat channel can be paused and un-paused by using the mute / un-mute action button on the top right hand side of the relevant team page.

Timed events

For teams that are undertaking activities that are timed in nature, the team start time can be set by clicking the 'Play' action button at the top right of the page and the end time can be set by clicking the 'Stop' action button. Start and stop times can also be changed manually at any time by opening up the configuration page for the team and setting them accordingly. For events that are using location tracking, the start and stop time for a team also control whether tracking information is recorded or not.

Setting the team start and stop times sets the individual start and stop times for all participants in the team that are checked into the event at that time. Individual start and stop times can also be manually modified for any participant from the relevant participant page.